Plant Plumbing

We provide plumbing design, production, and installation.

- A little awkward to consult with a large multidiscipline engineering company?
- Planning a new business, and wondering if any company can work together from basic planning through to trial run.
- Wondering if it is possible to ask to take care of improvement and maintenance?

If you have any of the above problems, please do not hesitate to consult us.
We meet customers' needs, from basic planning through to trial run and maintenance.

Process Design

We engineer more specifically the customers' process know-how. From equipment & plumbing designs and equipment delivery through to on-site work and trial run, we have a well prepared system to meet customers' needs. Please feel free to consult with us at any time.

Plant Plumbing Design and Installation

Based on EFD, various plumbing design and plumbing installation can be entrusted to us.

Sanitary Piping

Welding operation with an automatic welding device (1S to 6S) is available.
From prefabrication process to on-site installation is available.
Sanitary Piping Work
*Inner polished pipe
Stirring Tank for Food
Internal Agitating Blade

Plant Plumbing

From design through to trial run and maintenance
Plate Work
Plant Work Example 1
Plant Work Example 2
Plant Work Example 3
Plumbing Work
Please feel free to contact us for custom-made orders by telephone or e-mail.

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Plant Plumbing
Machining & Assembly
Water Clarification
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Gas-liquid Pump
Sale of Victaulic Joint
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