Machining & Assembly

We provide parts machining and assembly. We provide design and production of a system.

We provide customer-based total engineering from design through to machining, assembly adjustment, and on-site work.

- Since we standardize 3D CAD design, we can represent a design in 3D at your request.
- For metal parts machining and equipment assembly, we can provide a flexible service to meet your needs from one item to any requirement.
- We can provide a wide range of services including on-site plumbing work, peripheral equipment remodeling, maintenance, etc.

[ Mechanical Factory ]

Using the equipment assembly technology, we newly built a mechanical factory with a clean room to meet more our customers' needs.
Since the clean room is 25m (length) x 12m (width) x 5m (heights), we can provide the line equipment work.

Parts Machining / Assembly

All of our automatic equipment is buit-to-order. We always try to adopt new technology and prepare to meet a wide variety of custoemrs' demands. We always try to find out customers' needs one step ahead before receiving an order, and it results in reducing the cost significantly.

System Design

3D CAD is used for equipment design.
We also can provide the service to convert your 2D design into 3D.

Electrical and Instrumentation Design

We provide a custom-made water production and waste water treatment systems as well as a plant system using RO membrane, UF membrane, and MF membrane from design through to on-site adjustment.
We also can provide the instrumentation technology for the PID control of flow volume, temperature, pressure, etc. , for powder conveying control, and for liquid mixture control, etc.
We can also provide remote maintenance of an equipment / a system by remote monitoring & control as well as data collection.
Please feel free to contact us for custom-made orders by telephone or e-mail.

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