Water Clarification

We design, produce, and install the water clarification system.

We are excel at automated system and equipmen for liquid treatment. We look for an exact method based on cutomers' demand, and develop it into conceptional, assembly, and part drawings, then manufacture it. Especially, for the design and production of a developing system of water treatment, we have many experinces on the system using membrane and membrane filtration.
We also provide accessory works such as on-sight adjustment, etc. Since each person in charge are trained on a regular basis to consistently be able to deal with sales technology, design of machine, electric, and system, and each accessory works, we can appropriately and promptly realize an enduser's demand.

Water Treatment Business

Nowadays, water treatment technology is necessary for industrial activities and daily life. Especially, the technology using filtration membrane has been applied in a wide variety of areas ranging from drainage treatment to drinking water production.
Since 1979, we have been designing and producing reverse-osmosis (RO) membrane water treatment system. Based on the technologies and knowledge cultivated for years, we have been designing and producing custom-made water treatment systems using membrane filtration, such as drainage treatment, RO water production, concentrated water production, seawater desalination systems etc.
MF / UF Membrane Filtration System
MF / UF Membrane Filtration Equipment/System
 Outline The system uses a membrane module with a pore size of 0.1μm to clarify raw water and filter bacteria. This system uses external pressure dead-end filtration and is applicable for high turbidity raw water.

 Feature - Using polyvinylidene fluoride (PDF) membrane with good chemical resistance.
- Compact system with the minimum required tank, pump, and instrument.
- To improve the operability, the touch panel is used for the operation control and setting, and the system with the touch panel provides the remote monitoring and operation.

 Use Water treatment in water use
Clarification and bacteria filtration of brine and well water
Preparation of RO system
Clarification and recycling of general wastewater
RRO Membrane Filtration System
RO Membrane Filtration System
 Outline The system using RO membrane stably and effectively removes dissolved salts, dissolved organic matter (trihalomethane, pesticides, etc.), and particles (fungus, dead fungi).

 Feature - Compact system with the minimum equipment such as pump, instrument, and RO module.
- Easy to operate, and the opeartion is controlled by the measuring instruments (pressure gauge, flow volume, water quality meter)

 Use Drink Water Production
Water Purification (Removal of hardness, silica, etc.)
Preparation of Pure Water System (Load Reduction of Ion Exchange Tower etc.)
Recycle and Reuse of Various Waste Water (Collection of Process Waste Water, General Industry Waste Water, Sewage Water, Building Waste Water, etc.)
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RO Membrane Filtration System RO Membrane Filtration System RO Membrane Filtration System RO Membrane Filtration System
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